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Installation view of The Value of Money.



Artist Statement

The Value of Money

Countless individuals have written books evaluating how people make money and achieve financial success. Through my work, I have found complex human stories that go beyond what these books express.

My images depict individuals from the Appleton, Wisconsin and New York City areas. I focused on photographing people in four stages of their lives. Through Housing Partnership of the Fox Cities I gained access to a community outside of the university. I returned to my high school in the Bronx to photograph students there. I turned to my peers here at Lawrence to gain insight into undergraduate’s lifestyle. I connected with university trustees too. As part of my process, I asked each individual where they would like to be photographed and how they would like to pose. For the interview portion I ask each the question “What does the value of money mean to you?” Based on their response and comfort level I may ask more questions and then write captions for each image based on their response.

Our society has classified individuals in different economic classes. Based on an individual’s socio-economic class, many assume that there is a collective mindset as to how certain types of people view the world around them. However, based on my research and interviews, I have learned that these concepts explicating the value of money within our society can only be taken at surface value.

This work was funded in part by a Mellon Senior Experience Grant.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.


Photography, Value of Money, Financial Success, Appleton Wisconsin, Lawrence Trustees, Lawrence Students, Bronx High School Students