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Creation Date

Spring 2012


Material: Ink Jet Print

Dimensions: 15"x22"

Project Advisor: Julie Lindemann and John Shimon

Year of Graduation: 2012



Artist Statement

Command. Order. Imperatum. These terms describe the authority held by the most influential figures from history. Aside from their seemingly boundless power, what can be said about the all-too-familiar names of individuals like Caligula, Pericles, or Cleopatra? This question has motivated me to use the convention of portraiture, employed by these great rulers, to capture a retrospective image of what has become of their carefully cultivated images since their reigns have ended. These photographs are meant to evoke the austerity, grandeur, and absurdity of personalities from antiquity. The goal of my work is to help people see relics of classical beauty in the people that surround them. By taking those that I encounter in my life and putting them into a different frame of reference via portrait photography, it allows both myself and the audience to focus on the physical forms that connect us with the great artists and historical figures of past millennia. This work was funded in part by a Mellon Foundation Senior Experience Grant.


Copyright for this work is held by the artist.


anitquity, Rome, Greece, kore, ancient, statue, art, photography, Aphrodite, Troy