Senior Exhibitions 2014

Senior Exhibitions 2014


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An Artist’s Introspection Through Drawing by Haley Leilani Hagerman

Because You're Worth It by Ariel Christian Garcia

Daughters of Northern Darkness by Sarah Lancrete

Dorito Skin by Sarah Jane Rennick

Ersatz by Kelsey Fraleigh

Hogback by Olav Bjornerud

Ozymandias by Kyla Erickson

Senior Exhibition 2014 Gallery

Senior Exhibition Work by Charles Mann

Senior Exhibition Work by Margaret Vincent

Senior Exhibition Work by Shea Love

Senior Exhibition Work by Xian Qu

Silent Heart by Korapin Kuo

Storybook Escapism by Emma Moss

The Song is Never Done by Lorraine Renee Skuta

Try This: Experimenting with Gender Identity and Alcohol By Rose Broll