Senior Exhibitions 2012

Senior Exhibitions 2012


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Bibliophile: Exhibition of Books and Prints by Katherine Nelson

Dreams and Darkness: Exhibition of Drawings in Charcoal by Aisha Eiger

Energy in the Landscape: Exhibition of Photographs by Alison Scattergood

Exhibition of Photographs Explicating the Value of Money by Timeka Toussaint

Eye Contact: Exhibition of Portrait Paintings by Anne Raccuglia

Failures of the Food Industry in America: Exhibition of Ceramics and Painting by Christine Seeley

Imperatum: Exhibition of Photographs by Hillary Rogers

Materalization: Exhibition of Sculpture by Eli Hungerford

My Family: Exhibition of Watercolor Paintings and Drawings by Kelly Mariahazy

Paradigm Shifts Through Meditative Exorcism: Charcoal Drawings as Tribute to Instigators by Sydney Pertl

Random Access Memory: Exhibition of Photographs by Sara Sheldon-Rosson

Revelation: Exhibition of Photographs by Jinglei Xiao

Senior Exhibition 2012 Gallery

Stopped: Exhibition of Campus Fashion Photographs by Kaitlyn Herzog

To Fake Nature: A Sculptural Interpretation of Humanities by Suzanne Craddock