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Archaeological Report

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Between September and November 2022 Lawrence University conducted excavations of the structure identified previously as the Augustin Grignon Home, located within the Grignon Trading Post Site (OU-0072) in the City of Kaukauna, Wisconsin. Excavations were conducted to determine if the early 19th century Augustin Grignon Home incorporated an 18th century cabin, purportedly used by Dominique DuCharme as a trading post. Excavations determined that there are intact archaeological deposits within the Grignon Trading Post Site, which indicate that it is potentially eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Artifacts recovered from the excavations suggest that the Augustin Grignon Home is an entirely 19th century
construction, with the only possible 18th century material being window glass. The presence of possibly 18th century glass can, however, be reasonably explained in other ways. Thus the excavations support Augustin Grignon’s autobiographical account that he built the structure around 1813 when he moved to the site and that, in doing so, he did not incorporate the earlier DuCharme cabin.